Introducing TradeStation Strategy Network

TradeStation Strategy Network is a true marketplace with many potential benefits for TradeStation strategy traders and product developers. Located in a website that is easily accessible from its affiliated website, TradeStation Strategy Network provides the brokerage clients, TradeStation Securities, with a fast, easy way to view, in one place, a variety of products offered by developers.

Clients will be able to filter products by market and style or by sorting on many fields. For each product listed, developer will have the option to offer clients free trials to his products allowing them to try each one in a simulated environment, for a limited amount of time.

Best of all, TradeStation clients can subscribe for developer’s product with just a few mouse clicks. Once a client has subscribed, product will automatically be downloaded and imported into the TradeStation platform, making it seamless to subscribers.

TREC portfolios available on strategy network

eminiWorld team is a member of TradeStation Strategy Network Developer Program since June 2012. For the moment part of eminiWorld TREC model is available on TradeStation Strategy Network in a form of portfolios. Please take few minutes and go through TREC on Strategy Network presentation (link bolow).

  eminiWorld TREC on Strategy Network

We also advise you to test (Free Trial) TREC through Strategy Network before subscribing with a live account. More detailed information could be found by going directly to TradeStation Strategy Network website or  clicking on the links below:


Follow this link to go back to TREC homepage→